There are two ways to uninstall the application:

  • Using a script (recommended way).

  • Via the macOS UI.

Using a script:

Open Terminal and run the script without any parameters:

The script removes the MyQ Desktop Client package, settings, user settings, and autostart. This script does not delete the configuration file from other profiles.

Via the macOS UI:

  1. Use the Activity Monitor app to check if MyQ Desktop Client is running, and quit if it does. For more information see:

  2. Click Finder, and then open the Applications tab in the All My Files dialog box.

    Applications tab
  3. On the tab, right-click the MyQ MDC application, and then select Move to Bin. You are asked to confirm the changes.

    Deleting MDC from the Applications tab
  4. Enter the credentials of the administrator's account and click OK. The application is uninstalled.

    Confirming the deletion with admin credentials