To set up or modify the MDC settings, click on the MyQ icon on the macOS system tray. Click the three dots in the upper-right corner to open the Actions Menu and click Preferences. You can also use the Actions Menu to visit the online help (Help), view information about the app (About), open the logs (Logs), and close the application (Quit).

Actions menu

The following preferences are available in the Server tab:

MDC preferences
  1. Server address: Enter the IP address or hostname of the MyQ server.

  2. Port: Enter the MyQ server's port. By default, it is 8090 for a secure (SSL) connection.

  3. Secure communication: If enabled, the connection between MDC and the MyQ server is secure and requires a certificate. The option is enabled by default.

  4. Test Connection: Click to test the connection between MDC and MyQ Server, with or without a certificate.

  5. Authentication:

    1. List of users: With this option selected, the job sender has to select one of the MyQ user accounts from the list of all MyQ users. The job sender is then identified as the selected MyQ user.

    2. Login dialog: With this option selected, the job sender has to log in under their MyQ credentials. The job sender is then identified as the logged in MyQ user. You can select up to three login dialog options: PIN, Username and password, and ID card, as well as enable the Remember me feature, which is used to display/hide the option to remember the logging user.

    3. Mac single sign-on: With this option selected, the job sender is identified as the macOS user account where the job is sent from.

  6. Automatically switch between among servers: Check the box if you wish MyQ Desktop Client to automatically switch between multiple servers on an IP subnet. This is done by uploading a CSV file with the required information, by adding the exact path to the file in the Configuration file field.

  7. Once done configuring the settings, click Save. You are prompted to enter your MacOS password to save the settings. The MyQ icon on the system tray should turn red if the connection to the server is successful.

    MDC login screen

The ‘Q’ icon in the taskbar will always be red, whether the client is connected to the MyQ Print server or not. MDC starts in silent mode and there is not any communication via API with the MyQ Print server until the user sends a job or clicks on the icon.

For the Job Processing tab settings, check Job Processing.

For the Fallback Printing tab settings, check Fallback Printing.

For the Options tab settings, check Options.

IP subnet CSV file information

To automatically switch between multiple servers on an IP subnet, the uploaded CSV file should contain the information about the subnets. The file's headers should be subnet, host, and port, as seen on the image below.

CSV file headers

You can also use the following CSV template, modifying the fields according to your needs:


In case the configuration for the current subnet does not match or something is incorrect on the file or it can't be opened, MDC will use the configuration for the connection from the registry, set during the installation.