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Note di rilascio per la versione 10.0

MyQ Print Server 10.0 (Patch 5)

MyQ Print Server 10.0 (Patch 4)

MyQ Print Server 10.0 RTM

  • Reports - column properties dialog improved.

  • Maximum upload file size setting for print jobs moved to Jobs via Web.

  • MyQ Easy Config errors/alerts (i.e. Embedded terminal services not running) are now registered by System Health Check.

  • Adding terminal package - newly added terminal packages run under the Local System Windows account.

MyQ Print Server 10.0 RC2

MyQ Print Server 10.0 RC

MyQ Print Server 10.0 BETA

  • New MyQ Web UI skin.

  • Upgrade to version 10.0 is possible only from version 8.2.

  • Removed support of Easy Cluster.

  • Added the option to release the user's blocked credit on the user’s right-click menu.

  • Added the option to release the user's blocked quota on the user’s right-click menu.

  • It is now possible to change grayscale tolerance in the config.ini file.

  • New default theme for terminals.

  • Enhanced accessibility switch moved from the installer to the Web UI login page.

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