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Release notes for version 10.0

MyQ Central Server 10.0 (Patch 4)

  • Built in users except for *admin are no longer available in the MyQ Web UI.

  • Added support for MyQ Desktop Client, where it is possible to obtain Site Server IP/hostname from Central Server based on IP range (requires MDC WIN 8.2 (Patch 15)+ or 10.0 RTM+

MyQ Central Server 10.0 (Patch 1)

  • Added support for Gmail as SMTP/IMAP/POP3 server via OAUTH 2.0.

MyQ Central Server 10.0 BETA

MyQ Central Server 10.0 BETA

  • New MyQ Web UI skin.

  • Upgrade to version 10.0 is possible only from version 8.2.

  • Migration of Central Server not supported. It is only supported from version 8.1 to 8.2.

  • The statsData.xml file was added to Data for support.

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