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Release Notes

MyQ Xerox Embedded terminal 7.5

7.5.8 RTM

Bug Fixes

  • Easy scan in the subfolder wasn't possible to use.

7.5.7 RTM 

Bug Fixes

  • Terminal installation failed on some models.

7.5.6 RTM 

Bug Fixes

  • Security improvements.

7.5.5 RTM 

Bug Fixes

  • Jobs were deleted if user logged out during the printing.

  • Print all button is able to display the number of jobs and price of the jobs. Top menu is also able to prohibit using Terminal actions if it is not enough credit or quota.

  • Zero cost of the jobs was displayed in My Jobs if user selected more jobs for printing and credit or quota weren't enabled.

7.5.4 RTM

Bug Fixes

  •  Remote setup improvement on some Xerox AltaLink devices.

7.5.3 RTM 

Bug Fixes

  • Card readers require reboot of Xerox device after restart of MyQ services.

7.5.2 RTM 

Bug Fixes

  • Scanned output image was rotated after scan via Easy scan on A4 MFP.

  • Unlock panel Terminal action button is displayed by default for Xerox Embedded terminal.

7.5.1 RTM

Bug Fixes

  • Login on terminal wasn't possible when server default language was Russian.

  • Easy scan password parameter was possible to find as a string in terminal log.



  • BETA FEATURE New invoice recognition based on AI.

Bug Fixes

  • In case OCR fails to convert file 3 times original scan is delivered with .failed extension.

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