.NET Framework 4.8 has to be installed on the server before installing ScannerVision. If it is not installed, open Server Manager and install it.

To install the ScannerVision server:

  1. Run the ScannerVision installer.

  2. Follow the installation wizard's instructions and install the server.

  3. Activate the product.

License check

Once the ScannerVision server is installed and activated, verify the license information:

  1. Open the ScannerVision Processing Engine user interface application.

  2. On the top menu, click Help, License.

    ScannerVision Processing engine - Help menu
  3. ScannerVision License Manager opens. Click Detailed License Information.

    ScannerVision License Manager
  4. Check if the number corresponds to the MyQ device licenses number.

    MyQ licenses number example