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Basic Information

The MyQ Toshiba SDK3.x and SDK 4.x Embedded terminal is a web-based embedded terminal. No applications are running directly on the printing device, all files are saved in the MyQ directories and the device exchanges data with MyQ using XML. Web terminals are based on HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript languages and communicate via HTTP or HTTPS.

The terminal enables simple management of print jobs on a touchscreen display and offers a number of advanced features, such as multiple login options or scanning by a single touch. It can communicate with multiple types of USB card readers.


The proper function of the MyQ Toshiba embedded terminal depends on the below:

  • .NET 4.7.2 or higher needs to be installed on the MyQ print server.

  • Up to 80 embedded terminals per server.

  • Quad-core CPU on the server, for up to 40 terminals; octa-core CPU for 40+ terminals.

  • 4GB of RAM for a server with a low system load; 8GB of RAM for servers with medium and/or high system load.

  • The latest firmware needs to be installed on the printing device.

  • The printing device's IP or Hostname must be valid.

  • The correct time and date must be set on the printing device to avoid issues with the Scan to Me functionality.

Communication protocols and ports

If SSL is on, it is used for the following events

MyQ Server

(Protocol: Port - Description)


(Protocol: Port - Description)


(Protocol: Port - Description)

All types of events go through SSL

  • HTTP or HTTPS: 8090 (default) - it depends on the configuration in MyQ Easy Config.

  • SMTP: 25 (default) - it depends on the port configured in MyQ, Settings, Network, SMTP. (Used for Panel Scan to Email)

HTTP: 8081 to 8089 (default) - It depends on the port selected during the installation of package on server. This is used only in localhost.

  • 50083 for calling Event Source manager of the machine

  • 49629 (46930 for secure connection) for calling Output Management Service of the machine


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