There are several different kinds of data that are stored on the printing device’s hard drive. Apart from general data about the connection to MyQ server and the terminal’s configuration, the printing device can also store user data related to the Offline Login feature, and print jobs sent directly to the printing
device with the Device Spool feature.

The Wipe all data and the Wipe jobs buttons enable deleting stored data directly on the terminal. You can delete all of the data or just the print jobs sent with the Device Spool feature.

Wipe jobs and wipe data buttons

Wiping all data

This option allows you to wipe all data from the printing device hard drive and return the terminal to its factory default settings.

To delete all data from the embedded terminal, click Wipe all data..., and then click YES.

Wipe all data confirmation dialog

By wiping all data, you lose all information saved on the printing device, including the IP Address of the MyQ server.

Wiping locally spooled jobs

With the Device Spool feature enabled, print jobs are sent directly to a printing device where they
wait until they are released by the sending user or until they are deleted from the device.

To delete all locally spooled jobs, click Wipe jobs..., and then click YES in the Clear all spooled jobs confirmation dialog box.

Wipe all locally spooled jobs confirmation dialog