To open the setup screen, go to MyQ, Settings, Printers on the MyQ Web administrator interface. On the Printers settings tab, under Offline Login, you can Enable the feature and change its settings:

Offline Login settings
  • Enabled: Click to enable or disable the feature.

  • Cache user credentials for ___ hours: The device remembers the credentials for the set time period (in hours); after the period ends, users cannot log in the offline mode anymore.

  • User Synchronization: Opens the User Synchronization for offline login properties panel. On the panel, you can enable the user synchronization, set the update interval (in hours), and manage printing devices and users you want to synchronize.

    User Synchronization with offline login

You can synchronize max. 100 users to one printing device. If a group contains more users, only the first 100 users will be synchronized with the printing device.

If after you change the settings the Apply new settings dialog box appears, keep the Reset all terminals option selected and click OK. The settings are then distributed to all connected terminals. 

Offline login via LDAP server credentials

When the offline login feature is enabled in a MyQ printing environment where LDAP credentials are used for user authentication, information about the LDAP servers is automatically stored on the embedded terminal. In case the connection to the MyQ server is lost, users can log in via their LDAP credentials in the offline mode. The credentials are verified against the LDAP server.


  • The User name and password simple login type has to be selected. This can be either set in the printers' configuration profile, or on the terminal's Admin menu, or in MyQ Terminal Manager.

  • The connection needs to be secure.

  • There must be a connection from the printing device to the LDAP server.