By setting up a guest account here, users can log in to the terminal by tapping the Guest Login icon, without providing credentials. All operations are accounted to the corresponding user account in MyQ.

Guest login button on the terminal

The default guest account is the *guest user account. If you do not want to use the default one, you can choose any other MyQ user account instead of it.

Before you use any of the MyQ accounts (including the *guest account) as the guest account, you have to set its password in MyQ, and then enter this password in MyQ Terminal Manager:

  • On the Users main tab on the MyQ web administrator interface, select the MyQ account, click Actions, and then click Set password on the actions menu (or right-click the MyQ account on the list of user accounts, and then click Set password on the shortcut menu).

    MyQ web UI - Users main tab -Set password option
  • In MyQ Terminal Manager, under Guest Account, enter the same login password as the one set in MyQ.

    Setting the guest account password

Different printing devices can use different guest user accounts with different rights and separate accounting.

Guest Account options:

Guest account options
  • Guest Login - Here you can Enable or Disable the guest login option.

  • Login Name - Here you can enter the name of the user account to be used as a guest account. The default guest user account is *guest.

  • Login Password - Here you can enter the guest user account password.

  • Guest Screen - You can select the screen that will be displayed after the guest logs in. You can choose from the following options:

    • Top Screen

    • Copy

    • Scan

    • USB

    • Box

    • Fax

Guest terminal screen