1. On the initial screen of the MyQ Embedded application, tap MyQ to open the admin login screen.

    Click the MyQ logo on the terminal to log in as admin
  2. On the admin login screen, enter the admin password (the default password is 1087), and then tap OK. The Admin menu opens.

    Enter the admin login PIN on the terminal
  3. Tap System settings in the menu on the right side of the screen. The device’s panel screen opens.

    Admin Menu
  4. On the screen, tap User Tools. The User Tools screen opens.

    User Tools on the admin menu
  5. Tap Screen Features. The Screen Features screen opens.

    Screen Features on the admin menu
  6. Tap Screen Device Settings. The Screen Device Settings screen opens.

    Screen device settings on the admin menu
  7. On the Screen device Settings screen, scroll down and tap IC Card/Bluetooth Software Settings. The IC Card/Bluetooth Software Settings screen opens.

    Select IC Card Bluetooth Software Settings
  8. tap Proximity Card Reader Settings. The Proximity Card Reader Settings screen opens.

    Selecting the Proximity Card Reader settings
  9. Tap the card reader. The [USB Card Reader] Select a software to use dialog box opens.

    Selecting the USB Card Reader
  10. Tap Do not Use. The card reader is removed from the printing device.

    Deactivating the card reader
  11. Perform a hard restart on the printing device (turn it Off and On using the power button).