Print job policies settings

To open a print job policy properties panel, double- click the print job policy on the Policies settings tab list, under Print job policies.

Each print job policy panel is divided into four sections:

  • In the upper section, you can enable or disable the policy, select the Users and Groups of users that it will apply to, and add the policy Description.

  • In the General section, mark the checkbox to be able to modify the setting and choose Yes/No if you want to Keep jobs for reprint.

  • In the Job Settings Defaults section mark the checkboxes to be able to modify the below settings:

    • Color: Do not change, Color, B&W

    • Duplex: Do not change, Simplex, Duplex long edge, Duplex short edge

    • Staple: Do not change, No Staple, Upper left corner, Booklet, Lower left corner

    • Punch: Do not change, No Punch, 2 holes, 3/4 holes

    • Toner saving: Do not change, No, Yes

  • In the Permissions section mark the checkboxes to be able to modify the settings and you can choose whether to Allow or Deny them:

    • Change color

    • Change duplex

    • Change staple

    • Change punch

    • Change toner saving

    • Change copies

Click Save and your new Print job policy appears in the Policies list.

Default print job policy

The Default policy applies to all users and has no restrictions. Except for its name and scope, all the settings of this policy can be changed.

You can restore the default settings by clicking Restore defaults on the top-left corner of its panel.

Default policy properties

Adding new print job policies

  1. On the bar at the top of the Policies settings tab, click +Add, and then click +Add print job policy. The new print job policy properties panel opens on the right side of screen.

  2. On the panel, select the users or group of users that the policy will apply to, optionally write a description of the policy, change its settings, and then click Save.

The new policy appears on the Policies setting tab, under Print job policies.

With all the Permissions set to Deny, users are not able modify their jobs on the MyQ Embedded terminals.

With the Keep jobs for reprint setting set to No, users are not able to add their jobs to Favorites on their account on the MyQ Web Interface or on MyQ Embedded terminals and they cannot reprint old jobs on the embedded terminals either.

The Keep jobs for reprint setting is also available when configuring a queue. The following combinations between the Keeps jobs for reprint Policy and Queue setting are available:

  • Policy ON + Queue ON - The print job file is saved and can be reprinted even when not marked as favorite.

  • Policy ON + Queue OFF - The print job file is saved only when marked as a favorite before printing. Favorite jobs can be reprinted.

  • Policy OFF + Queue ON - The print job files are always saved, but because of the policy they cannot be reprinted or marked as favorite by the users. If the Policy is changed to ON, then the jobs can be reprinted later.

  • Policy OFF + Queue OFF - The print job files are always deleted right after printing, cannot be reprinted or marked as favorite. If the Queue or Policy is changed to ON, jobs cannot be reprinted anyway.