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Network Communication Architecture

The image below depicts an overview of the components and main network communication channels.

Print server network communications overview

MyQ --> License server: An external connection to the MyQ license server is required for license activation. (Old license model, new license model
The connection is protected via 443 TCP. If a connection to the license server is not possible, there is also the possibility of offline activation.

MyQ <--> Active Directory: User synchronization (LDAP/ Open LDAP) takes place via port 389 or 636 by default.

MyQ --> Email Server: Scans/emails are first transmitted from the MFP to MyQ server. This server acts as a relay for emails and forwards the emails to the stored customer email server. The required ports are individual, depending on the corresponding settings of the customer email server.

MyQ --> MyQ Web UI: HTTP protocol for accessing the MyQ web interface as well as communication with embedded terminals and job roaming between MyQ servers.:
If needed, the unsecure connection can be enabled in MyQ Easy Config, using port 8080.

MyQ --> Print job Release: The output of the print jobs from MyQ server to the MFP is done via RAW 9100 by default (can be changed if required to LPR, IPP, IPPS, MPP, MPPS).

The device status of the printing systems, as well as toner and ink levels, are read out via SNMP UDP 161. (SNMP protocol can be changed if required SNMP v1, SNMP v2, SNMP v3).

MyQ <-- Scanning via MFP: All scans (email/folder) are done via port 25 by default, FTP port 21 if required.

MyQ <-- BYOD & MyQ Mobile App: For working with smartphones/tablets, both AirPrint/Mopria and MyQ Mobile App, port 8632 and 8090 are required.

MyQ <-- User Clients: Printing to a MyQ queue is done via a print object configured for this purpose. By default, printing to the MyQ server is done via LPR port 515.

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