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Delegated printing

The delegated printing feature is an extension of the pull print printing method that allows users to share their print jobs with a specified group of other users. These users can release the jobs on an embedded terminal in the same way they would release their own jobs.

The users that are allowed to print jobs of a certain user (or a certain group of users) are called their delegates. The delegates can be designated by the users themselves or by the MyQ administrator. When a user sends a job to MyQ, they can decide to share it with their delegates. Jobs that are to be shared have to be sent via the Delegated printing type queue.

Two settings are necessary to enable this feature: the delegates have to be defined and a Delegated printing queue has to be created and be accessible to the user or group.

For information on how to define the delegates, see Selecting user delegates.

For information on how to create and set the Delegated printing queue, see Queues.

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