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On the Security tab, you can enable/disable unsecure communication, and encrypt/decrypt the MyQ DB, the Log DB, as well as print jobs. In addition, you can enable/disable Job scripting editing.

In the Web Server section, you should enable Allow unsecure communication only in case of communication problems.

In the Data Encryption section, for better security, you can encrypt the main database, the log database, and print jobs using a certificate. MyQ does not provide these certificates. You should install and use your own. The certificate used for the encryption needs to have the “Encrypting File System” Enhanced Key Usage (EKU) and it must be located in one of the following computer certificate stores:

  • Personal

  • Trusted Publishers

  • Third-Party Root Certification Authorities

  • Other people

Once installed, it will be visible in the Certificate drop-down.


Click Encrypt next to MyQ Main Database, MyQ Log Database, or Print jobs. Scan Jobs are encrypted by default.

During the encryption, other services will not be available. A busy indicator will let you follow the encryption/decryption process:

After the encryption, the Encrypt button will change to Decrypt so you can reverse the action.

In the Advanced section you can enable or disable the modification of PHP job scripting in the Web Interface, by default this option is disabled.

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