On the Database tab, you can check the main and log database's status and perform backup and recovery. You can also see information about the current version of the database, available updates, and also a warning in case there is a need for an upgrade.

MyQ Easy Config Database tab

Backing up MyQ data

To back up your MyQ data:

  1. Open the Database tab.

  2. In the Main Database section, click Backup.

  3. Provide and confirm a password to protect the backup. If skipped, the backup will be created unprotected.

  4. A new backup file is created, called database_*.zip. The file contains the MyQ database and additional files with data used by the MyQ system, such as reports, certificates, or the config.ini file.

Print jobs (by default in C:\ProgramData\MyQ\Jobs) are not part of the backup, because of size.

If required (especially favorite jobs could be required by users after restore MyQ on the new server), they must be copied and backed up manually or by a 3rd-party software.

Restoring MyQ Data

If you had manually backup up print hobs, then when restoring a backup, it is necessary to first copy the print jobs to the Jobs folder and then restore the MyQ backup using MyQ Easy Config.

To restore your MyQ data:

  1. Open the Database tab.

  2. In the Main Database section , click Restoreā€¦. Select the database _*.zip file and click Open. If the backup is password protected, there is a prompt to provide the password. The database is restored and, if needed, upgraded as well.

Open database file selection window
Restore Data process window