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Scanning and OCR

The MyQ system is able to automatically send scanned documents to a specified folder or email belonging to the scanning user, with the Scan to Me feature.

With the feature enabled, MyQ serves as an email server — it receives a scanned job from printing devices via the SMTP protocol, detects the device where the job is sent from, finds the user that is currently logged on the device and sends the job to their folder or email (depends on the user's settings).

The first section of this topic shows you how to set up the Scan to Me feature on the MyQ server and how to use it. The following two sections present two advanced scanning options in MyQ: limiting the size of emails with scans and scanning to OCR. In the last section, you can view the table of all MyQ email commands.

Scan to Me is also one of the essential features of the MyQ Embedded terminals. Apart from it, the embedded terminals offer a large number of advanced destinations such as Cloud and FTP servers.

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