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Once you open the MyQ Easy Config application for the first time, you should change the Server Administrator password, which is the password for accessing the MyQ web administrator interface.

The MyQ web administrator interface access user name is *admin and its default password is 1234.

Changing the password on the Home tab

The first time you open the application, on the Home tab, you can see the Server Administrator Account section. To change the password, type the new password, confirm the password, and then click Save.

MyQ Easy Config - Changing the server admin account password

After you change the password for the first time, its initial setup section disappears from the Home tab.

Changing passwords on the Settings tab

As soon as you replace the default password, the section disappears from the Home tab and the password can no longer be changed there.

It can be changed at any time on the Settings tab under the Server Administrator Account section.

You can also change the database administrator’s account password under the Database Administrator Password section.

The MyQ database access user name is SYSDBA and its default password is masterkey.

Unlocking the MyQ Administrator account

After 5 consecutive failed login attempts to the MyQ administrator account, the account is locked.

The admin can see a warning that the *admin account is locked, and unlock it, in the Server Administrator Account section on the Settings tab. Once they click Unlock, the account is unlocked.

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