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Email commands

  • email@myq.local - Sends the document to the user's primary email.

  • folder@myq.local - Sends the document to the folder or emails set in the User's scan storage text box on the user's properties panel.

  • myqocr.*folder*@myq.local - Sends the document to the OCR service. *folder* is the folder where the document is saved before it is proceeded by the OCR software.

  • myqfwd-*email*- Any email sent from a printing device directly to MyQ is discarded if the device is not in the user session status. If you want to forward messages from a printing device activated on the MyQ
    server to some email address, you have to add the myqfwd- prefix.

    • *email* - is the email address where MyQ forwards the sent mail.
      For example, if you want to forward messages to the address, you have to set the address as

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