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Release Notes

Brand new MyQ X Mobile Client application



  • NEW FEATURE Report issue.

  • NEW FEATURE Send feedback.

Bug Fixes

  • Quota validation.

  • Server name change issue.

  • Credit history - grid's first row cut off.

  • Job sending to server with port other than 8090.


Supported by Android 5+, and iOS 11


  • NEW FEATURE Added pull to refresh on printer detail.

  • NEW FEATURE Secure mode - Certificate verification against server.

  • Modifying keyboard control behavior on Chromebook (enter, backspace, tab).


  • Updated link for privacy policy.

  • Updated text while processing files.

Bug Fixes

  • Uploading bigger PDF files no longer crashes the app.

  • Possible to sign in with username that has "spaces".

  • Fixed crashes from Crashlytics.


Supported by Android 5+, and iOS 11


  • Newly added Job as first item in a job list.

  • Red color of notification about not supported file - Add Job.

Bug Fixes

  • Case sensitive issue with extensions (jpg/JPG).

  • Screen refresh of Job list.

  • Adding more jobs via share to MyQ.

  • Occasional crashes.


Supported by Android 5+, and iOS 11


  • NEW FEATURE Unlock non-embedded devices via QR code.

  • NEW FEATURE User login using Pin/Password/TouchID/FaceID.

  • NEW FEATURE Select jobs/print all after login (touchless print).

  • NEW FEATURE Print via MS Universal Print.

  • NEW FEATURE Select account/project before job release.

  • NEW FEATURE Show pricelist after login to the device.

  • NEW FEATURE Advanced Printing options.

  • NEW FEATURE Edit profile - change password, PIN.

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