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Release Notes

MyQ Desktop Client 8.2 macOS (the successor of MyQ Smart Job Manager macOS)

MyQ Desktop Client macOS 8.2 (patch 7)

Bug Fixes

  • Login fails when using credit from Central Server.

  • Server disconnects after 1 minute when using Single Sign on.

MyQ Desktop Client macOS 8.2 (patch 6)

Bug Fixes

  • Fallback printing doesn't work with SNMPv3.

  • MDC versioning incorrect.

  • After disabling remember me, the user is logged in, as the previous user if "Remember me" as Always was used.

  • MDC crashes when the server address is not resolvable.

  • Print job order mixed when printing to Direct Queue using MDC detection type.

MyQ Desktop Client macOS 8.2 (patch 5) 


  • NEW FEATURE Reduce the number of API calls when connecting MDC.

Bug Fixes

  • MDC Mac prompting for PIN multiple times.

  • Currency format adjusted according to language.

MyQ Desktop Client macOS 8.2 (patch 4) 

Bug Fixes

  • MDC crashing when sending jobs without projects enabled.

MyQ Desktop Client macOS 8.2 (patch 3) 


  • NEW FEATURE Added support of radio group and checkbox group for Desktop Client user interaction scripting.

  • NEW FEATURE Error shown in case of invalid server version.


  • Logs are more readable.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom link not working.

  • Unify job sending behavior.

MyQ Desktop Client macOS 8.2 (patch 2) 


  • NEW FEATURE Shell script installer replaced with macOS standard .pkg signed installer simplifying installation process with a couple of clicks.

  • NEW FEATURE Configuration settings can now be set/edited quickly via the Action menu>Settings in the MDC app.

  • NEW FEATURE Connection to Print Server can be done via secure or unsecure communication. This can be set in Action menu>Settings>Secure communication.

  • NEW FEATURE Via Apple Remote Desktop it is now possible to bulk deploy the installation of MDC and configuration file on multiple devices simultaneously.

  • NEW FEATURE Action menu>Help - The MDC Manual will open up in the default web browser, which includes details and step-by-step instructions.

  • NEW FEATURE Action menu>About- This will provide some more information about the current installed version of MDC.

  • NEW FEATURE Action menu>Open Log - The MDC logs will open up in the console for quicker troubleshooting.

  • NEW FEATURE Action menu>Quit - This was added just in case the user would need to quit the app, the app can then be reopened from Applications or Launchpad. The MDC app will always open automatically on system startup.

  • New high quality icons for retina displays.

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect price shown on MDC when discount is applied.

  • Searching of users speed optimized when 'list of users' is set as authentication method.

MyQ Desktop Client macOS 8.2 (patch 1) 


  • Smart Job Manager name changed to MyQ Desktop Client.

Bug Fixes

  • SJM Connection to hostname .local.

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