Click on the MyQ icon on the macOS system tray, then click the three dots in the upper-right corner to open the Actions Menu and click Preferences. Go to the Options tab where you can modify the following:

Options tab settings

  • Job parser: Toggle the slider to enable the job parser for client spooling, local print monitoring, and fallback printing. Server spooled jobs are always parsed on the server. Job properties that are parsed and reported: job name, user, computer, job size, BW pages, color pages, copies, paper format, duplex, toner saving, staple, punch, printer language. If the job parser is disabled, only the job name, user, computer, and job size are reported to the server.

  • Delete pending jobs if the user is idle: Toggle the slider to enable it. Set the duration of the Timeout in minutes. The default is 5 minutes. This security feature allows you to set up a time (in minutes) to log the user out as soon as the MDC gets to the idle state. If the option to delete all the pending jobs once the client is idle is enabled, that’s another step to protect your users and their print jobs.

    With this feature enabled, print jobs are sent from MyQ Desktop Client to the MyQ server over the TLS security protocol. This allows printing over MyQ to be end-to-end encrypted. A must in environments where confidential data are often printed.

  • Caching of user information used when app is offline: This is used only when MDC cannot connect to MyQ server. Select if you want to cache user information Only when user interacts with the app or With every logon to the operating system (this option may create a higher load on the server).