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Manuals Archive

This page contains the pdf files of manuals for versions of our products which have reached End of Life and are no longer included in our documentation.

Server Manuals



Print Server 7.1

Print Server Guide 7.1.pdf

Print Server 8.1

Print Server Guide 8.1.pdf

Print Server 10.0

Print Server Guide 10.0.pdf

Central Server 8.1

Central Guide 8.1.pdf

Central Server 10.0

Central Server Guide 10.0.pdf

OCR Server 3.0

OCR Server Installation Guide 3.0.pdf

Terminal Manuals



Epson Embedded Terminal 8.1

Epson Embedded Terminal 8.1.pdf

Kyocera Embedded Terminal 7.1

Kyocera Embedded Terminal 7.1.pdf

Kyocera Embedded Terminal 8.1

Kyocera Embedded Terminal 8.1.pdf

Ricoh SmartSDK Embedded Terminal 7.5

MyQ Ricoh SmartSDK Embedded Terminal 7.5.pdf

Sharp Embedded Terminal 7.5

Sharp Embedded Terminal 7.5.pdf

Toshiba Embedded Terminal 8.1

Toshiba Embedded Terminal 8.1.pdf

Xerox Embedded Terminal 7.5

Xerox Embedded Terminal 7.5.pdf

Other Product Manuals



Mobile Client App 7.1

MyQ X Mobile Client App 7.1.pdf

Mobile Client App 8.2

MyQ X Mobile Client App 8.2.pdf

Mobile Print Agent 1.2

MyQ Mobile Print Agent 1.2.pdf

Mobile Print Agent 7.5

MyQ Mobile Print Agent 7.5.pdf

MyQ Smart Job Manager for Windows 8.2

MyQ Smart Job Manager Win 8.2.pdf

MyQ Smart Job Manager for MacOS 8.2

MyQ Smart Job Manager MacOS 8.2.pdf

MyQ Smart Print Services 8.2

MyQ Smart Print Services 8.2.pdf

MyQ Recharge Terminal 7.3

MyQ Recharge Terminal 7.3.pdf

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