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Release Notes

MyQ Lexmark Embedded Terminal 8.1

MyQ Lexmark Embedded Terminal 8.1 (patch 7)

20 October, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Custom logo was displayed blurred.

MyQ Lexmark Embedded Terminal 8.1 (patch 6)

1 September, 2023


MyQ Lexmark Embedded Terminal 8.1 (patch 5)

21 July, 2023

Device Certification

  • Model lines CX73x Series, CX93x Series and CX94x Series added for terminal support. (LIMITATION: new devices are not certified yet on the server, because we are not able to add them without certification data.)

MyQ Lexmark Embedded Terminal 8.1 (patch 4)

1 March, 2023


Bug Fixes

  • Favorites in My Jobs weren't working.

  • Incorrect error message was displayed if terminal installation failed because of invalid device's administrator credentials.

  • Jobs were printed in incorrect order.

  • Language of the Login screen wasn't translated.

  • Login via QR code wasn't possible.

  • Login wasn't possible with allowed unsecure communication on the server.

MyQ Lexmark Embedded Terminal 8.1 (patch 3)

Bug Fixes

  • Custom logo wasn't loaded on the login screen.

MyQ Lexmark Embedded Terminal 8.1 (patch 1) LTS

Bug Fixes

  • All jobs were printed after login by card even if Print all after login has been disabled.

  • Fixed card login failure.

MyQ Lexmark Embedded Terminal 8.1 RC


  • NEW FEATURE Jobs which aren't possible to print because of Job filters (f.e. printing A3 jobs on A4 printer or Color jobs on BW printer) are marked with proper error message.

  • Devices with 4.3" display size are supported for Embedded terminal.

    • Models which should be supported: CS622, CS720, CS725, CS727, CS820, CS827, CS921, CS923, CX622, CX625, MS622, MX522

    • New models will be certified in MyQ server 8.1 RTM+.

  • Devices without HDD are supported. LIMITATIONS:

    • custom logo and QR code aren't displayed after Lexmark web service restart immediately, they are displayed after few seconds.

    • critical accounting (loss of power during job) is not working and jobs will not be accounted correctly.

    • machine log is not stored and cannot be received.

  • More options can be set in Job properties in My jobs:

    • color - BW / Color

    • duplex - Simplex / Duplex long edge / Duplex short edge

    • copies

    • toner saving

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