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Offline Login

For MyQ to operate properly, a 100% reliable network connection is necessary. Connection problems can lead to serious issues; for example, users may not be able to start their user sessions on the printing devices and perform any copy, print or scan actions. The Offline Login feature prevents such situations. User information, including credentials, are cached at the device and if the server is unavailable, cached data are used for user authentication. Users can then log in and perform all the actions that do not require network access to the MyQ server.

When combined with Device Spool, the offline login feature offers a robust backup plan for server outages.

Terminal screen in offline mode


  • UDP broadcasts have to be enabled on the network.

  • For an optimal run of the Offline Login feature, SSL needs to be enabled on the server. SSL is set by default during the installation, however if you have changed it for any reason, you can set it again in MyQ Easy Config, in the Settings tab.


  • Credit is not supported

  • Quota is not supported;

  • Projects - print jobs are set to the Without Project option

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