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Manual installation via USB or a 3rd party app

The second method of the embedded terminal installation is to upload the installation file from a USB flash drive (or a 3rd party tool, like Kyocera Net Viewer) and install the application on the printing device system menu and then install the package on the server, assign it to a configuration profile and activate it. This may be convenient if you need to install the terminal to a small number of devices that you have physical access to.

Most printing devices cannot read flash drives formatted in the NTFS file system. Therefore, it might be necessary to use a USB flash drive formatted to FAT32.

To install:

  1. Download the file from the MyQ Community portal.

  2. Extract the .zip file.

  3. Choose the relevant MyQ_Kyocera_Terminal-x.x.x_.pkg file, change the file's extension from .pkg to .zip, and then extract the .zip file.

  4. Copy the KyoEmbedded.pkg file from the extracted folder to the root directory of the USB drive.

    KyoEmbedded package file
  5. Once copied, delete the KyoEmbedded.pkg file from the packages folder and change the file's extension back to MyQ_ Kyocera_Terminal-x.x.x_.pkg.

  6. Install the KyoEmbedded.pkg file to the printing device:

    1. On the device operation panel, press the System menu button (or System Menu/Counter button on some devices). The System Menu opens.

    2. On the System Menu, find and tap Application (Favorites/Application on some devices). You are prompted to login as an administrator.

    3. Login as the administrator. The Application menu (or Favorites/Application menu) opens. (In case you are asked to select between the Local login and the Network login, select Local before entering the credentials).

    4. On the Application menu (or Favorites/Application menu), tap Application. The Application sub-menu opens.

    5. Insert the USB Flash drive with the uploaded installation file, and then tap + (or Add on some devices) at the upper-right corner of the screen. A dialog box appears, informing about the number of applications that can be installed.

    6. Tap OK. The Add-Application menu opens with the MyQ Embedded item displayed. (In case a different version of the terminal is already installed on the device, Update Program is displayed next to the application name. If you update the terminal, its version is changed but all settings are preserved).

    7. Select the MyQ Embedded item, tap Install at the bottom-left corner of the screen, and then tap Yes to confirm the installation. The Completed message appears and the Add - Application menu is empty. You can tap Remove Memory at the bottom of the screen to safely remove your USB flash drive.

    8. Back on the Add-Application menu, tap End.

  7. Install and activate the package on the server:

    1. Go to MyQ, Settings, Printers; Under Terminal Packages click +Add and upload the MyQ_Kyocera_Terminal-x.x.x_.pkg package file.

    2. Create a Configuration profile.

    3. Activate the printer (go to MyQ, Printers; Right-click on the printer and click Activate).

  8. Activate the application on the terminal:

    1. On the Application menu, select the MyQ Embedded item and tap Menu at the bottom-left corner. The application menu opens.

    2. On the menu, tap Activate, and then tap Yes to confirm the activation. The terminal initial screen opens after a while.

Initial terminal screen

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