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Device Spool

Under normal circumstances, print jobs are sent to the MyQ server where they are stored and wait for release. It means that every print job has to be sent from a user PC to the MyQ server and then from the MyQ server to a printing device. This is fine for networks with a good bandwidth connection, but it might not be an optimal solution for customers with many small branches and limited bandwidth to the MyQ Central server. In such cases, it is unproductive to send the job from the branch to MyQ server and back.

Device Spool is a feature that solves this problem. With Device Spool enabled, a print job is sent directly to the device and saved to its hard disk. It waits there to be released in the standard way.

Device Spool feature diagram


Printer policies

  • For locally spooled jobs in online/offline server mode the printer policies are applied by the same way like for pull-print or direct jobs spooled on the server.

Job policies

  • For locally spooled jobs in online/offline server mode the job policy color only is applied. All other job policies are ignored.

If a user logs into the embedded terminal after the policies are set, the policies are updated.

If a user prints directly over device spooling and they don't physically log in after the policies are set, the policies are only updated after 5 minutes.

  • Locally spooled color jobs are not displayed when color print is restricted.

  • When the printing device is in deep sleep mode, Device Spool is not available and an error is shown on Windows spooler.

  • Even though it is possible for a user to use both print to server and Device Spool, this option is not recommended. The following problems may appear: jobs are not sorted and printed in the correct order, the terminal display might not be correctly refreshed.


  • Project Accounting is not supported (print jobs have the Without Project option set)

  • Favorite jobs are not supported

  • Job Roaming is not supported

  • Print job archiving is not supported

  • Job preview is not supported

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