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Basic Information

The MyQ Kyocera Embedded terminal is a software application developed on the Kyocera HyPAS platform (Hybrid Platform For Advanced Solutions). It enables simple management of print jobs on a touchscreen display and offers a number of advanced features: multiple login options, scanning and copying with a single touch, credit, quota, project accounting, and many others. It can communicate with multiple types of USB card readers.

All the files are stored in the MyQ directory and the device exchanges data with MyQ via the HTTPS protocol.

The terminal can be remotely installed from the MyQ Web administrator interface or by directly uploading it on the printing device using a USB flash drive.


The proper function of the MyQ Kyocera embedded terminal depends on the below:

  • .NET 4.7.2 or higher needs to be installed on the MyQ print server.

  • The latest firmware needs to be installed on the printing device.

  • The printing device's IP or Hostname must be valid.

  • Kyocera printing devices have to be equipped with either an SSD, HDD, or an SD card to enable the installation of the MyQ embedded terminal.

  • The correct time and date must be set on the printing device to avoid issues with the Scan to Me functionality.

For information about communication protocols and ports, check the MyQ Print Server guide.

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