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Admin Menu

From the terminal Admin Menu you can administer the terminal and change its settings. The available actions are: Change log level, Export log, Wipe jobs, Clear Config Password, Unlock Panel, Disable Application.

The Server address and Log in options are not editable here. You can modify these settings during the terminal's remote installation in the MyQ Web administrator interface.

Admin Menu

Entering the Admin menu

To access the admin menu, tap the logo in the upper-left corner of the panel and enter the administrator's PIN. The default admin PIN is 1087.

Admin login screen on the terminal

Changing Log Level

Under the Log Level setting you can enable to Log Debug Messages. If the setting is enabled, the terminal will generate additional log information for auditing and troubleshooting purposes.

Log level setting

Exporting the Log

If MyQ Support asks you to provide the embedded terminal's log, you can do so using a USB Flash drive.

To export the terminal log, insert the USB Flash drive on the device and tap Export log on the Admin Menu.

The log file is exported and uploaded to the USB.

Wiping Jobs

With the Local Print Spooling feature enabled, print jobs are sent directly to a printing device where they wait until they are released by the sending user or until they are deleted from the device.

To delete the print jobs, do the following:

  1. On the Admin Menu home screen, tap Wipe jobs on the upper-right side. The following window opens:

    Wipe jobs dialog
  2. To delete the locally spooled jobs, tap Yes. The Admin Menu reopens

Clear Config Password

If you want to reset the remote configuration password, do the following:

  1. On the Admin Menu home screen, tap Clear Config Password. The following window opens:

    Clear Config Password dialog
  2. Confirm by tapping Yes. The Admin Menu reopens.

Unlock Panel

Unlocks the printing device panel; with the panel unlocked, the printing device's default screen opens and all the device features are accessible. Pages printed and scanned in this mode are accounted to the *unauthenticated user.

When you open the device's panel using the Unlock panel button, you are automatically granted administrative rights to all of its settings.

Once the panel is unlocked, the device setup can be accessed by pressing the System menu button (or System menu/Counter button) on the device's operation panel.

By unlocking the panel you can also access the printing device's Application menu and uninstall the embedded terminal.

Hiding the native Copy and Scan buttons

After tapping Unlock Panel, press System menu (or System menu/Counter) to access Device Settings, where you can hide the native Copy and Scan (send) buttons that are present by default from the manufacturer in the upper-left corner on the terminal screen.

In Device Settings, go to Function Key Assignment and set all Keys to NONE (the first option on the list). (This applies to all Kyocera devices with a touchscreen (without a hardware keyboard)).

Disable Application

In case the terminal operations are not accessible, for example when the MyQ server is offline, you can disable the terminal and unlock the default screen of the printing device. This way, users can perform basic operations directly on the printing device. The terminal is reactivated after the device is restarted.

To disable the terminal:

  1. On the Admin Menu tap Disable Application. The following window opens:

    Disable application dialog
  2. Confirm by tapping Yes. The terminal is disabled and the printing device's default screen opens.

Alternatively, you can disable the terminal by entering the deactivation code. Tap the MyQ logo, enter the deactivation code and tap OK. If the admin PIN is shorter than six characters, the deactivation code is 999999, otherwise it consists of the first four characters of the admin PIN.

To re-enable the terminal:

To re-enable the Embedded terminal application, switch off and then switch on the printing device by its main power switch, or restart the device on its Web User interface.

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