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With credit accounting activated, users must have a sufficient amount of credit on their account to be allowed to print, copy, and scan.

For more information about credit accounting, see Credit in the MyQ Basic Installation Guide.

Using terminal actions with activated credit accounting

Print jobs received with the job parser activated include additional information, such as number of pages, color, and price. Users are not able to release print jobs to which they do not have sufficient credit, and cannot use the All Print action as long as the overall price of all priced print jobs is higher than their credit.

If a user logs in to the terminal with an insufficient amount of credit, they cannot copy or scan.

If a user logs in to the terminal with a sufficient amount of credit to copy/scan at least one page, they can copy/scan an unlimited number of pages within the session. After the user logs out, all copy and scan jobs are accounted and the state of credit is updated on the server.

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