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Changing themes

By installing and setting new themes for the terminal's buttons, you can change the overall look of a terminal.

The themes are not part of the MyQ installation. To import a new theme to the MyQ system, you need to download and run its installation file on the MyQ server. You can either select from a variety of free predefined themes made available by MyQ, or create your own.

Creating custom themes

You can create your own themes and styles, export them and import them into MyQ using MyQ Theme Editor. If you have a MyQ account, you can download it from the MyQ community portal. The MyQ Theme Editor manual can guide you through the process.

Installation of MyQ terminal panel themes

Start the installer by double- clicking the theme's executable file and follow the directions of the installation wizard. The theme is installed to the MyQ data folder and can then be selected on the MyQ Web administrator interface (MyQ, Settings, Personalization), in the Theme drop-down.

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