Epson Open Platform needs to be enabled on the printing device's web UI before the installation.

To enable it:

  • Go to the printer's web UI by accessing http://*IP address of the printer*/

  • Go to Administrator Login.

    Administrator Login on the device web UI
  • Provide the User Name (administrator by default) and Current password (the device's admin password) credentials and click OK. These credentials are mandatory and if they are not provided, the installation fails.

    Admin credentials on the device web UI
  • On the left-side menu, expand Epson Open Platform Settings and click Product key.

  • Select the Epson Open Platform Version (the latest one is preferred), and Enter product key. To obtain this product key, you need to register your printing device with Epson support.

  • Click Next, verify the information provided, and click OK (the network is restarted and the printer is available again after a few minutes).