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Recharging credit via TouchNet uPay on the user's account on the MyQ Web Interface

First of all, the user needs to log in to their account on the MyQ Web Interface. To recharge the credit there, the user has to click Recharge credit under Credit. The Recharge credit dialog appears.

Opening the Recharge Credit dialog box on the MyQ Web UI

In the dialog box, the user has to select the TouchNet uPay payment provider, enter the amount of credit that they want to buy, and then click Recharge Credit.

A window with the TouchNet uPay payment options opens in the web browser; the rest of the steps correspond to the standard TouchNet uPay payment process.

After the payment is successfully sent to MyQ, the Payment successful dialog box appears.

TouchNet uPay tries to connect to the MyQ server via the hostname or IP address that is set on the Network settings tab of the MyQ Web Interface. In case a hostname is set on the tab and paying users receive the "This site can’t be reached / XYZ’s server DNS address could not be found. / DNS_ PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” message, try to replace the hostname with the IP address of your server.

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