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Recharging credit on the Credit Statement tab

On the Credit Statement tab, you can overview the changes in the credit balance of MyQ users, and also recharge credit to users and groups. To open the tab on the MyQ Web administrator interface, go to MyQ, Credit Statement.

To recharge credit to users or groups:

  1. Click Recharge Credit. The Recharge Credit dialog box appears on the tab.

    Recharge Credit button
  2. In the dialog box, either Enter the card ID of a user card, or select the User or group to recharge the credit to, then Enter amount to be recharged, and lastly click Recharge Credit.

    Recharge Credit settings


You can also Reset Credit and Unblock Credit to users or groups, by clicking the relevant button, selecting the user or group, and the credit amount.

Depending on the administrator and device settings, when the server blocks credit on the account, it temporarily decreases the available balance until the user session finishes. This prevents spending the same credit multiple times resulting in a negative balance. Credit may also be blocked when there is a server or account failure while the user’s session is active.

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