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VMHA License

Normally, the hardware signature of the server hosting MyQ is occasionally verified to make sure that the license is still installed on the same server and isn't misused. In certain scenarios, the underlying hardware may change and so a license reset is required to re-activate the license. If the hardware changes often (which is common when the server is hosted in a virtual environment), the Virtual Machine High Availability (VMHA) feature may be required.

  • The VMHA license is included free of charge in MyQ Enterprise and MyQ Ultimate 8.0+ licenses.

  • For the VHMA feature to function, a domain environment is mandatory - the server running MyQ must be a member of a domain. For MyQ installed in an MS Azure environment, a domain is not required. Changing the domain or migrating to a completely different server will still require a license reset.

To verify that the VHMA feature is available, go to MyQ, Settings, License.

With old license keys, once the VMHA license is registered and activated, you can enable the VMHA feature in MyQ, Settings, Network. Once enabled, the license verification mechanism will no longer check for changes in the hardware when checking the HW license signature key.

With the new licensing model, with installation keys, VHMA is enabled by default in a Print Server or Central Server setting. If you are using Site servers, you have to enable the feature in each Site server.

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