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Reports creation via template import

There are two template versions, one to be used with an Embedded database and one to be used with an SQL server. An ODBC DSN for either an SQL Server or Firebird must be configured before using the template.

  • ODBC template

MyQ Central Server Reports ODBC.pbit

  • SQL template

MyQ Central Server Reports SQL.pbit

To import the template provided by MyQ , open Power BI and:

  1. Open the File menu, select Import, and click on Power BI template. Find and open the correct template according to your database.

    Importing a Power BI template
  2. Establish the connection to your database:

    1. For direct connection to an MS SQL server, add the SQL Server and Database name and click Load.

      SQL connection
    2. For ODBC, add the Data source name (DSN) you created in the ODBC Data Sources app and click Load.

      ODBC connection
  3. Power BI imports the data. The reports can be edited; the changes are saved in a different file so the template can be reused.

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