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Job Roaming

The Job Roaming feature enables users to transfer their jobs from one location to another: jobs sent to one Site can be printed on printing devices at another Site.

The feature only works in the Central/Site mode, however, it does not have to be centrally managed; Job Roaming between two locations depends exclusively on the settings of the locations Site servers.

The print job is stored on the original Site server until the user logs in at another Site, where they download the job to the Job Roaming queue. Thanks to the fact that the files are not unnecessarily transferred between servers, this method guarantees the lowest possible network load.

On a Site’s server MyQ web interface go to MyQ, Settings, Jobs. In the Job roaming section:

  • Allowed users - Select from the list which users are allowed to use job roaming.

  • Manage queue for these jobs - Click to open and manage the job roaming queue’s properties.

  • Separate job list - With this option, the remote jobs are displayed on a separate job list. This is optimal for 10+ servers and a slow network connection.

  • Shared job list - With this option, the remote jobs are displayed on the same job list as the local jobs. This is optimal for up to 10 servers and a fast network connection.

    • Print remote jobs with Print All - This option is only available with a shared job list. If you select it, the Print All terminal action prints both local and remote jobs.

Job roaming settings

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