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Home Dashboard

On the Home dashboard, you can perform the initial MyQ setup. After the setup, you can use the dashboard to directly access MyQ key features, to display statistics and to generate data for support.

MyQ Central web UI - Home dashboard

The dashboard is fully adjustable; it consists of multiple building blocks (widgets) that can be added and removed from the screen. You can use the blocks to customize both the layout and functionality of the dashboard.

By default, there are three widgets on the dashboard: Quick links, License, and Quick Setup Guide.

From the Quick links widget, you can directly access the most important tabs of the MyQ Web Interface: Jobs, Printers, Users, Reports, Sites, Settings, and Log.

Quick links widget

The License widget shows license information and can redirect you to the License settings tab.

The Quick Setup Guide walks you through the initial MyQ setup.

Changing the theme

To change the MyQ Web Administrator’s interface theme, click on Theme at the top-right corner of the dashboard. The available options are:

  • Synchronize with the operating system

  • Light

  • Dark

  • Enhanced accessibility

Theme options

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