Main Reasons for MyQ DDI Installation

  • For security or other reasons, it is not possible to share the printer drivers installed on the server to the network.

  • Computers are not permanently available on the network, and it is necessary to install the driver as soon as it is connected to the domain.

  • Users don’t have sufficient rights (admin, power user) to install or connect the shared print driver themselves, or to run any installation script.

  • Automatic printer driver port reconfiguration in case of MyQ server failure is required.

  • Automatic change of default driver settings is required (duplex, color, staple etc.).

MyQ DDI Installation Prerequisites

  • PowerShell – Minimal version 3.0

  • Updated system (latest service packs etc.)

  • Run script as administrator/SYSTEM in case of domain install

  • Possibility to run scripts or bat files on the server/computer 

  • Installed and correctly configured MyQ Server

  • Administrator’s access to a domain server with OS Windows 2000 Server and higher. Possibility to run Group Policy Management.

  • Microsoft signed printer driver(s) compatible with network connected printing devices.

MyQ DDI Installation Process

  • Configure the MyQDDI.ini file.

  • Test the MyQ DDI installation manually.

  • Create and configure a new Group Policy Object (GPO) using Group Policy Management.

  • Copy the MyQ DDI installation files and printer driver files to the Startup (for computer) or Logon (for user) script folder (in case of domain install).

  • Assign a test computer/user to the GPO and check automatic installation (in case of domain install).

  • Setup GPO rights to run MyQ DDI on the required group of computers or users (in case of domain install).