If you are using older MyQ editions, it is recommended to migrate your licenses to MyQ X.

Compared to older editions, MyQ X offers a new price list with updated and new functionalities, one Installation key containing all the license information instead of multiple license keys, a fast and automated license ordering process, and a complete overview in the MyQ X Partner portal of all the products and their software assurance.

Moreover, if you use embedded lite licenses, during the license migration to MyQ X, their price is halved (two embedded lite = one embedded license). If you have an odd number of embedded lite licenses, the total is rounded up, and then halved (eleven lite = twelve lite = six embedded licenses).

The software assurance expiration date is recalculated during the migration:

  1. Expiration dates are converted to a real number and the average is computed. 
    (for example, you have 100 x Embedded (E) and 200 x Embedded Lite (EL)  | so 100 x 'expiration date' of (E) + 200/2 x 'expiration date' of (EL)) / count of  ((E) + (EL/2))

  2. The computed average is a real number and, converted back to the date format may produce, for example, 23h:56min - for this reason 1 day is added.

  3. From the average corrected date, only the month + year are used, without day + time, and one month is added to the final date.

License migration example

The prerequisites for license migration are:

  • MyQ Print Server or MyQ Central Server 8.2 or higher installed (valid support required).

  • Access to the MyQ X Partner portal (Partner ID and password. If you do not have access, contact your Sales representative).

With the above prerequisites fulfilled, you can start the Migration Process.